Did Lynda Carter Have Plastic Surgery?

In 1972, Lynda Carter started her career at a local Arizona beauty contest. It was in this contest that she managed to win the competition. Afterward, she gained national attention in America through winning Miss World USA in which she was the representative of Arizona. When she took part in the 1972 Miss World pageant, Lynda Carter represented the United States. In this competition, she gained the semi-finals. Having taken acting classes at a number of New York acting academies, she made her debut in acting appearance. It was in 1974 that she took part in the drama entitled Roots of Anger. Lynda Carter then began to make some famous appearances on television shows such as Cos and Starsky and Hutch. In addition, Lynda Carter was also famous for her acting in a number of television commercials. However, Lynda Carter plastic surgery after and before photos was present for some time, corroborating the rumors about her plastic surgery scandals. Lynda Carter has been greatly known as an American singer and actress. She has two popular famous brands under her name and management. One of them is as a star on tv series Wonder Woman, and the other one is that of the Miss World in the United States which took place in 1972.

What has been said about Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery?

Of the fascinating performance was that she was famous for her role as Wonder Woman. Due to all the fame and popularity that she gained throughout her career, there had been some unpleasant news that tainted her career. Once it was rumored that Lynda Carter took plastic surgery. There was nothing that was raised as an answer to the rumor. Lynda Carter’s big appearance was at Big Apple when she was promoting a concert. In this event, you would be extremely infatuated in her beauty as she appeared so fascinatingly gorgeous and young even though she is no longer young. It was not so easy to maintain such a greatly charismatic appearance throughout the years. When you reach your sixties, it is very hard for you to slow down the lane. However, it apparently does not apply to Lynda Carter in as much as the actress appeared so young and beautiful. It was also in this event that the rumor about Lynda Carter plastic surgery began to spread throughout the United States. When you compare the Lynda Carter plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery before and after pictures, you will come up with one glaring truth that the actress indeed had plastic surgery all over her face. If you notice the 1979 face and then compare it with the one in 2009, you will see that there is an almost similar appearance on her face. This shared the exact facial works. It was so clear that Lynda Carter has reinvented herself and reborn her beauty as a  new Wonder Woman.

What has Lynda Carter Said about the rumors on Plastic Surgery?

It was strongly rumored that botox treatment was the one that Lynda Carter took in her plastic surgery. One thing for sure, there has also been some treatments that have been implemented to deal with all the wrinkles and the other aging problems. Facelift and botox have kept her beauty and charm intact, just like the real Wonder Woman. She indeed looks like Wonder Woman, but this appearance has been embedded with too much plastic work. Even though she took the surgery, Lynda Carter still possesses the same charisma as well as a fascinating look. It was assumed that cosmetic surgery was meant to set the camera ready in the enterprise of the movie industry.



Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery – Was it a fake beauty?

Lucy Lawless has been known as a syndication’s hottest and bravest fighting female actress in the movie enterprise. Lucy Lawless, that once starred as Xena Warrior Princess for about six years, will always be remembered as one of the most iconic modern movie staple. In 1996,  while she was involved in an appearance on the Tonight Show in which she was featured with Jey Leno, Lawless, unfortunately, suffered from a fractured pelvis when she was on action where she was thrown from a raging horse outside NBC studio. In addition the remarkable action in Xena, Lucy Lawless is also remembered as the bravest actress especially when the Tonight Show was booming in the era. Even though she does not wield a sword anymore, Lucy Lawless remains to look strong and bold as what she showed in Xena. In addition to the career in the movie industry, Lucy Lawless was also involved in a number of roles such as Battlestar Galactica, Celebrity Duets, CSI: Miami, and Sign on Campaign. However, just as any other popular American actress, it was once rumored that Lucy Lawless had plastic surgery, which led to her appearance today. You can see that her look is still so fresh and beautiful.

What did she get from the surgical procedures?

There have been many buzzes around the issues on Lucy Lawless plastic surgery. Most people questioned about what had been different from the female actress. This was, in a sense, dealt with by the existence of some pictures on the internet meant to show the difference, if there were any, between before and after she took the plastic surgery. It was rumored at isuwft.com that Lucy Lawless once had some surgical procedures to retain beauty. No wonder she can look so young and sexy at the age of forties. If you look closer at her pictures on the internet, you will notice that she presumably has taken some breast implants to boost her sexy look. Just like what you can see in the movie Xena, she appears so thrilling and tempting. And, that does not change today. There is still some charms radiated from her body. By only judging from the breasts, most people would believe that she indeed had plastic surgery. Also, some surgeons said that the female actress had some botox injection to keep her skin tight, one thing that most actresses do to maintain their look.

The Ambivalences on the rumors regarding Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Even though there had been so many pictures and rumors about Lucy Lawless plastic surgery, none has been said by the very female actress. In many occasions, when asked about her rumors on plastic surgery, Lucy Lawless downright claimed that she never had such an artificial work to boost her beauty. This was surely on everyone’s lips how the rumors and her statements were saliently different. No matter what had been shown on the internet and what had been said about the plastic surgery attribute to her, Lucy Lawless was persistent with her answers, none had been done to change her look, nor did she have anything done to remain beautiful. Lucy Lawless presumably followed some of her colleague celebrities to have some surgical procedures to maintain her youthful look. Perhaps, she really looks young and beautiful, but she has lost the natural beauty that once she had. Well, if Lucy Lawless indeed had some plastic surgery works done on her body, the news rumored about her plastic surgery may already have had the buzz true. The rumors can even be bewildering as none has been confirmed by the actress.